Almost Always is a semi-regular radio show, but we do have a few regular segments, one of which is Trader Joes. Now, Trader Joes is not an official sponsor of the show (why we do not know) but it is no secret that we love their food. Here are all of the products we have featured on our show so far:

Note: There were no Trader Joe's items for episodes 5, 8, and 9. In 5, Sarah Mullis and Marchant decided to have "your dignity" sponsor the show even though that makes no sense, in 8 Sarah took up too much time ranting about rhubarb to offer up an item so instead the episode was sponsored by her freezer, and in 9 we ended our show and were too sad to offer up an item although looking back on it, the Trader Joe's brand tissues would have been appropriate.

  • Baconesque Popcorn (featured in Episode 1 - The Pilot): cheese, bacon, and popcorn - what more could you ask for? Although if you wish to try it, you should definitely go and stock up on it now because if you don't by the time you get there we will have bought all of the stock.
  • Chocolate Brooklyn Babka (featured in Episode 2 - HELP THIS NEEDS A TITLE): chocolatey goodness made in Brooklyn, NY. Yes, you can get babka a lot of places, but we are partial to this one
  • Maple Water (featured in Episode 3 - The Ol' Switcher-Roo (Getting So Much Butter All The Time)): water that has a smack of maple to it. It makes you feel refreshed and super Canadian (note: this is an unverified claim but it certainly made the two of us feel super Canadian, so try it out for yourself and report back to us)
  • Brooklyn Bangers Cheddar Bratwurst (featured in Episode 4 - Anniversary Par-Tea): ok, technically this isn't a Trader Joes product, but they do sell them and they are delicious so hush up and pop a banger in your mouth.
  • Sriracha Hummus (featured in Episode 6 - Wish Gruyere Here): spicy, but not overly so. we recommend eating it with basil leaves for maximum flavor!
  • Uncured Corned Beef Brisket (featured in Episode 7 - A Bit Of Char And Smitty): a seasonal item that makes every St. Patrick's Day feast. Sarah always stocks up on two or more because it is delicious and then she can have it all year round.

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