Charlotte Addams (Co-Creator, Co-Host, Co-Producer, Current AAS Lip Sync Battle Champion, 2016 Audio Verse Award Nominee for Best Writing): Charlotte was born and raised on the Northern California coast, where made her radio debut in the early nineties in a performance most notable by the fact that she continued to suck her thumb throughout. Encouraged by this inauspicious debut, Charlotte continued to hone her radio skills on a plastic Playskool tape recorder. In the late aughts Charlotte migrated east, and now can be found most often in the walk-in cooler of a downtown Manhattan grocery store, performing her food-based humor for coworkers who are by turns mortified and entertained. To date, she is most proud of writing the following line: "Two pints of Sam Adams and I'm working on brie!" Condolences accepted.



Sarah Smithton (Co-Creator, Co-Host, Co-Producer, Editor, double 2016 Audio Verse Award Nominee for Best Leading Actress and Best Writing)Sarah is a textbook Pisces born and raised in the Mission district of San Francisco. She acts and sings and (occasionally) dances for a living, but you can learn more about that on this website. Sarah's first radio experience came in 2003 while doing promotions for the Mountain Play Association's production of Annie. The interview went very well, and if anyone would like to hear it, she has a copy on cassette tape somewhere. In her free time, she brews her own kombucha and tries to be upside down as much as possible on any aerial apparatus.