We have had many incredible guest stars on Almost Always. They include:

Lauren Adkins: Episode 4.75 (H.A.M. chorus), Episode 5 (NY/CA Date Announcer), Episode 7.5 (Birthday montage)
Hali Alspach: Episode 4.75 (H.A.M. chorus), Episode 5 (as Hali Alspach), Episode 7.5 (Birthday montage), Episode 8 (Artemis Steele), Episode 8.5 (Artemis Steele as Clarabella), Episode 8.75 (Guest Co-Host)
Nathan Andrew Riley: Episode 5 (Ham-Wow!)
Chad Bay: Episode 4.75 (H.A.M. chorus), Episode 5 (Dad Armor), Episode 7.5 (Birthday montage)
Matt Birdsong: Episode 2 (Robert Battenberg), Episode 2.5 (as Matt Birdsong), Episode 7.5 (Birthday montage)
Zeniba Britt: Episode 6 (Eudora Burrata), Episode 7.5 (Birthday montage)
Evan Burke: Episode 3 (Captain Cabot), Episode 5 (Captain Cabot), Episode 6.5 (Captain Cabot), Episode 7.25 (as Evan Burke), Episode 7.5 (Birthday montage)
Bryan Burton: Episode 3 (Buttery Grand Phantom aka Christopher Coe), Episode 7.25 (as Bryan Burton), Episode 7.5 (Birthday montage)
Jessie Cannizzaro*: Episode 5 (Henrietta Hamilton), Episode 8 (Henrietta Hamilton), Episode 8.5 (Henrietta Hamilton as Martha the Maid), Episode 8.75 (Henrietta Hamilton)
Marchant Davis: Episode 5 (Guest Host, Cali, Jonathan Francisco), Episode 6 (as Marchant Davis), Episode 7.5 (Birthday montage), Episode 8.5 (Almost Always montage)
Leah Dennis: Episode 8 (Teagan the stage manager)
Emma Friedman: Episode 7 (Comedy Club Announcer)
Grace Hardin: Episode 8 (Lydia Honeysuckle), Episode 8.5 (Lydia Honeysuckle as Amelia)
Tyler Hohlstein: Episode 1 (Passerby), Episode 4.75 (H.A.M. chorus), Episode 5 (Edgar Gentry), Episode 5.5 (as Tyler Hohlstein), Episode 7.25 (as Tyler Hohlstein), Episode 7.5 (Birthday montage), Episode 8 (Sterling Winthrop), Episode 8.5 (Sterling Winthrop as Count Noble)
Alec Hynes: Episode 8 (Graham Thomas)
Karl Keasler: Episode 6 (Linus Crabapple), Episode 6.5 (as Karl Keasler), Episode 7.5 (Birthday montage)
Josh Kenney: Episode 7 (Joe Pye)
Greta Kleckner: Episode 4.75 (H.A.M. chorus), Episode 5 (Ham-Wow!), Episode 7 (Joe Pye's Partner), Episode 7.25 (as Greta Kleckner), Episode 7.5 (Birthday montage)
Jessica Kuhne: Episode 1 (Lucy the Waitress), Episode 2 (Flora Battenberg), Episode 2.5 (as Jessica Kuhne), Episode 4.5 (as Jessica Kuhne), Episode 4.75 (H.A.M. chorus), Episode 5 (Lucy the Waitress), Episode 5.5 (Guest Host), Episode 6 (as Jessica Kuhne and Lucy the Waitress), Episode 7 (as Jessica Kuhne and Story 3 Narrator), Episode 7.25 (as Jessica Kuhne), Episode 7.5 (Birthday montage), Episode 8.5 (Guest Co-Host)
Kathleen LaMagna: Episode 4.75 (H.A.M. chorus), Episode 7.5 (Birthday montage)
Daniel Lonsbury: Episode 8 (Toby), Episode 8.5 (Toby as Geoffrey)
Sarah Mullis: Episode 3 (Pam), Episode 5 (Guest Host, NY, Pam), Episode 6 (as Sarah Mullis), Episode 7.25 (as Sarah Mullis), Episode 7.5 (Birthday montage), Episode 8.5 (Almost Always montage)
Jacob Presson: Episode 7 (Howie Harper), Episode 7.5 (Birthday montage)
Corinne Scott: Episode 4.75 (H.A.M. chorus), Episode 7.5 (Birthday montage)
Andre Silva: Episode 1 (Juan Huevos aka John Egg), Episode 1.5 (as Andre Silva), Episode 4.75 (H.A.M. chorus), Episode 5 (John Egg), Episode 5.5 (as Andre Silva), Episode 7.25 (as Andre Silva), Episode 7.5 (Birthday montage)
Cindy Spitko: Episode 7 (Story 2 Narrator), Episode 7.5 (Birthday montage)
Madeline Wakley: Episode 2 (Madame Mayor), Episode 4.75 (H.A.M. chorus), Episode 5 (Dad Armor, Madame Mayor), Episode 7.5 (Birthday montage)
Karley Willocks: Episode 4.75 (H.A.M. chorus), Episode 7 (not-Chasity Roberts), Episode 7.5 (Birthday montage), Episode 8.5 (Almost Always montage)

*2016 Audio Verse Award Nominee for Best Supporting Actress