Hali Alspach

Hali Alspach is a musical genius! She is a multitalented musician and composer, and has provided us with many pieces of music for our show, including our fantastic theme song! To hear said music, listen below:

^ 2016 Audio Verse Award Nominee for Best Original Composition

Evan Burke

Evan Burke not only voices the character of Captain Cabot in the Addams & Smitty stories, but he also wrote the on-going segment "Foods I Like, With Captain Cabot," which was featured in episode 5, and will be featured in upcoming episodes of Almost Always.

Sarah Mullis

Sarah Mullis (aka Pam in Addams & Smitty and a guest host) wrote the NY/CA dating sketch in episode 5! In addition to being a great writer, she's an actor, singer, dancer, director, and highly skilled at improv. She wears many hats, and always looks pretty doing so.